Raw Salt

The raw salt  is a salt coming directly from the harvest resulting from ponds, it has not undergone additional treatment yet.
This salt is a mineral compound of NaCl, the Sodium Sulfate Na2SO4, the Magnesium treats with copper sulphate MgSO4, as well as some impurities. Our salt is also used for the salting of fishes.
The marketing of the bulk salt is made in two marine ports: port of Gabes and Port of Sousse.

  •  Port of Gabes: the capacity of load can reach 30 000 tons.
  •  Port of Sousse: the capacity of load can reach 12 000 tons.

Our company can guarantee you the availability of these quantities and supply you the size grading of the salt which varies between 0.2 mm up to 0.10 mm. The raw salt can be conditioned in bags “big bag”.

Content in NaCL ASTM E 534 (1998)
98.5 – 99.5
% poids