The Himalayan salt market is worth billions of dollars and is booming in India and Bangladesh.

But how much salt is there?

And what does it cost?

The salt industry has a rich history.

The word “salted” comes from the Sanskrit word salukhi, which means “to sprinkle” or “to make salt”.

Salted is used to describe a mix of salts in the Himalayas and is used as a common ingredient in the Chinese medicine and health food industries.

Salts are produced from the remains of glaciers and ice that have been transported from Siberia or northern Europe, and are extracted and then ground into powder and salt.

Salt is extracted from the sea floor by hydraulic presses, and is then pumped into pipelines for distribution.

The process can take as long as four to six years.

In the United States, about 70 per cent of salt is produced in salt mines and mills in the US.

Himalayan salt is used in foodstuffs and other products including cooking salts, toothpastes, toothpaste, deodorants and cosmetics.

It is used extensively in China, but also as a stabilizer in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and has been used in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other parts of the world.

Some experts have suggested the Himalayan region’s salt is more expensive than in the United Kingdom and France, because of the nature of the production.

For instance, there are fewer Himalayan mills than in Britain and France and fewer people making Himalayan water, but salt is still used as the primary ingredient in several foodstuff products, including salt, shampoo and toothpaste.

But there are many challenges in the supply chain and the industry is not as profitable as it once was.

When the Himalaya was discovered in 1947, the first industrial plants were set up in the region.

Since then, the region has been home to an array of industries, including a number of large-scale salt mines.

After the British and French were defeated in World War II, the United Nations created a “global salt” program in which the countries of the region agreed to produce 100 per cent Himalayan saline by 2025.

Many of these efforts were successful.

However, in recent years, the industry has faced a number issues, including competition from cheaper, more environmentally friendly salt mines in the Maldives, where there is a huge salt industry, and from cheaper global salt producers such as China.

More than one-third of the salt produced in the country is exported to China, where it is used for Chinese cooking and cosmetics products.

A shortage of the water needed to irrigate the salt mines also contributes to the price increases.

There have been several attempts to solve the salt shortage, including the creation of a new salt reserve in the Indian Ocean, but there has been little progress.

India has also sought to diversify its salt production, including increasing the amount of Himalayan salts it exports to the rest of the international market.

Currently, India exports about 5 per cent to the United Arab Emirates, 5 per per cent and about 5.5 per cent respectively to Qatar, Turkey and Oman.

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