An international team of scientists says they’ve identified a new salt marsh in Cornwall, one of the last marshes in the country to be mined.

They say the marsh’s existence is now recognised as an important part of the coastal heritage of the county.

The team from the University of Bath says the marsh, which they named the Salt Marsh because it was formed from a combination of sand and salt, is located about 100 kilometres south of Gisborne.

The marsh was once a salt lake and was also used to store salt.

The researchers say the salt marsh’s natural history and ecology are now being protected.

The salt marsh is also home to salt lakes, the world’s largest saltwater lake and the saltiest salt in the world.

They said it has been a major source of salt for centuries.

The researchers say it is the first salt marsh to be found in the UK since it was discovered in the early 1990s.

The Salt Marsh was formed when a salt-rich lake bed formed over the last several centuries.

The lake bed had salt deposits which eventually formed into the salt lake.

The area has been known as the salt mine for centuries, with the salt mines being the largest employer of the salt in Cornwall.

However, in the last few years, the salt has been depleted from the lake bed and the sea has become more salty and therefore less hospitable to fish.

A salt marsh on the coast of Devon.

In recent years, several salt mines have been proposed and the government has been working on a strategy to protect the salt from being lost to sea.

They’ve also said that the salt will be developed into an ecosystem that will provide jobs and jobs opportunities for locals.

The research has been funded by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council and the Natural Heritage Trust.

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