The old water used to come from the sea and run through a filter to wash off pollutants.

But it used to smell, taste and taste bad, too.

It was dirty, and the government was concerned about it.

The Clean Water Policy of 1972 had brought in a ban on the use of dirty water, but it left out other important pollutants.

Now, the government is making a push to get the dirty water out of our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The first step is getting rid of dirty rivers.

That’s where the clean water comes from.

And we need to get it out of the waterways we use.

This is a story of the way in which we’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re using polluted water.

I think the clean river is a key element in the story.

A river that we use for drinking, it’s not dirty, we’re not eating contaminated food, and we can do things like recycle it.

This river was one of the first rivers to be cleaned up by the government in 1972.

But this river has been a part of our lives for thousands of years.

And so, we have to get its pollution out of rivers.

The old rivers that we used to use to clean up polluted water were used by kings and kings to wash themselves and their wives clean of their hair and their eyes, which they didn’t want to have on their bodies.

There were a lot of stories of people who were going to bed with their eyes shut, and people who didn’t wash their hands, but used the old river for this purpose.

The clean river was a source of water for many of us.

But we have a big problem with polluted rivers.

Today, there are over 5,000 polluted rivers, and they come from many different sources.

We have polluted water in the air, we use polluted water to treat our homes, and our water is polluted because of industrialisation.

The government of India has taken the lead in getting clean water out from polluted rivers and making it into a source that can be used for our rivers and lakes.

But there are many other parts of the country that are still using polluted rivers for drinking water.

In some parts of Uttar Pradesh, the river used to flow in the direction of the village, and it’s now a watercourse for the cattle industry.

In the north-east of India, it flows to the Arabian Sea, where it can be dumped in the Bay of Bengal and used for irrigation.

And in some places, it can go to the Pacific Ocean, and then to the Atlantic Ocean, where people are exporting it for consumption in Japan.

We use polluted rivers in the west to transport our waste, and in the north to make fertilisers and to irrigate our crops.

There are many different ways in which polluted rivers are used.

Some people use them to wash their hair, while others use them for cooking.

Some use them as a source for drinking clean water.

Some don’t.

The dirty rivers that used to run in the river and the riverbeds are no longer used.

They’re now used for fishing and fishing nets.

We also have polluted riverbed for the industry, and polluted river in the atmosphere.

The water from polluted water is toxic, and there is a risk that the pollution will kill you.

Some pollutants, like chlorine and lead, are harmful to human health.

So we are using clean water as a natural alternative for people, and that is the way we need clean water for the future.

The second element is how we treat the water.

As we go down the list of pollutants that we’ve got in our rivers today, there’s a lot more than just the pollution.

In our river system, there is also a lot that is being treated.

There is also water quality that’s not being properly treated.

And these are all the things that have to be done.

If we treat our rivers properly, the pollutants that can’t be washed away will get washed away.

It’s important that we treat water well.

In many parts of India’s river system we are doing very little, because the quality of the water is not good.

In fact, the water quality in the state of Punjab is worse than the quality in Gujarat, which has been declared a World Heritage Site.

So it’s very important that people treat their water well, and treat the rivers properly.

When we talk about treating the water, we should also think about the pollution that’s going to come out of it.

There’s pollution coming out of sewage treatment plants, there will be pollution coming from waste treatment plants that are being constructed, there may be pollution in rivers and in lakes, and pollution in the ocean.

There will be some pollution coming into the air as well, because we use pollutants to treat the air and to make sure we’re breathing clean.

The pollution that is coming out is just as important.

It needs to be treated properly.

The third element is to make

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