A Salt Lake city police officer shot and killed a man during a shootout early Sunday morning, police said.

Officer Ryan Smith shot and wounded 32-year-old Kevin Davis on the west side of the city.

Police did not identify the man they were investigating.

Police initially said that Davis was armed and dangerous, but the shooting was later called a shooting incident, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The shooting occurred in the 1800 block of South Northside Avenue in the Salt Lake area, police told the Tribune.

The area has been an area of heavy activity this weekend.

Aerial view shows the scene where Salt Lake police officer Ryan Smith was shot and injured by two suspects in Salt Lake, Utah on Sunday.

According to the Tribune, Smith was on duty on a routine traffic stop when he was shot in the arm and leg.

Smith was rushed to a hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

No officers were injured, and the investigation is ongoing.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski issued a statement Sunday evening that she was “devastated by the news of this senseless act of violence against an officer.”

Smith’s father, Larry Smith, said in a statement on his Facebook page that he was devastated by the events unfolding and that he would continue to fight for his son’s rights.

This incident was the result of a series of actions by those who do not deserve to be trusted with the police department.

We need to do better.

The police must be held accountable for their actions and the consequences for this senseless killing must be severe.

I want to express my deepest condolences to the Davis family, as well as the Davis community.

We must stand united to defend the rights of law enforcement.