By Steve O’Connor”When you think about ice cream, what does ice cream do for you?

What do ice cream flavors do for us?


We love it.

And salt in coffee.

Salt in coffee, we love.”

This summer, Salt and Lime is launching a new ice cream and coffee brand called Salt and Limes. 

“Salt and Lime’s goal is to bring fresh, delicious, and nutritious ingredients to people’s hearts and minds,” Salt and Lemonade says in a press release.

“We are excited to be a part of the new coffee ice cream trend, which brings fresh, tasty, and healthy ingredients to coffee lovers.”

“The coffee industry is in the midst of an era of innovation and a shift away from coffee as a staple in the diet and everyday life,” the Salt and Lemons’ CEO and co-founder and cofounder of Salt and Lemons Coffee Co., Mike Zalewski, said in a statement.

“Salt and Lime brings the flavors of coffee, ice cream & cream, and fresh baked goods into the coffee experience.

We hope this coffee ice-cream trend will help coffee lovers embrace coffee and create a healthier lifestyle.

Salt & Lime Coffee Co.”

I have to admit, I’ve been waiting to try the new salt ice- Cream for a while. 

I’m a sucker for fresh baked goodies, but it’s not exactly the sort of ice cream that I want to pour over my pancakes and sandwiches.

Salt & Limes coffee ice Cream is available at the Baker & Taylor in San Francisco and at the  Raleigh  Coffee House.

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