Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards are incredibly versatile, but they can be hard to get started with if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s where an extra Raspberry Pi might come in handy.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new project that uses the same hardware as its previous Arduino Unos, but instead of a Raspberry-compatible board, it’s a Raspberry Pis 2, and the result is a cake-sized version of its own.

This cake-shaped Pi 2 kit will be available on October 7 for £40 ($59) or £120 ($169), depending on your country.

If you’re after something a bit more practical, you can grab one of the existing Pi 2 kits for around £60 ($69).

Read more about the Raspberry Pi Project.

The project’s creator, James MacKay, said that he came up with the idea after trying to bake a cake while sitting at home.

“I had to make something edible that would look cool and make the whole house smell nice,” he said.

“The Pi 2 was pretty slow to get going, so I thought I’d try something a little more straightforward.”

He said he’s been playing around with the hardware since 2014, and has recently started tinkering with the boards to get the Raspberry Pis working better.

It’s not the first time the Pi 2 has made its way onto the scene, as the Pi 3 was released earlier this year.

However, this cake is a bit different.

“What we’re doing is using the Raspberry-based board to create the cake shape,” MacKay said.

He said the project is based around the Raspberry Model B, which has a microSD card slot and HDMI port.

“It’s got the Pi GPIOs for everything you need to do with an Arduino,” he explained.

“We’re using a USB hub as the power supply, which means we can connect it to the Pi as well.”

To create the design, MacKay used the RaspberryPi project’s 3D printing tool, Makerbot, to print the Raspberry model B. He then used a laser cutter to cut the models out of ABS plastic and cut them into different shapes.

“Once we had the shapes, we printed them and then glued them to a piece of plywood,” he added.

“Then we glued them together with screws and bolted them together.”

The final product is made up of a base, a cake board and the base of the Pi.

“This is where the actual cake will sit, but we also wanted to make sure it was sturdy,” Mackay said.

This is the same base that was used in the original Raspberry Pi project, but this time around it’s being used to support the base’s design.

The base supports two Pi 2 boards that each have an LED strip on the bottom.

“That’s just a way of connecting the boards together,” he told Mashable.

“You could also use the base to mount the power cable on top of the Raspberry.”

When the base is mounted on top, it forms a flat, cake-like structure, with each piece being a different size.

“When you hold it up, you get a sense of where it’s going to go,” Mac Kay explained.

Once the base forms the shape of the cake, it can be lifted out of the box and used to create other parts of the structure.

“With the Raspberry 3 and the Raspberry Mini, the base comes out a little bit smaller, but that doesn’t matter because the Pi2 is bigger and more powerful,” he continued.

The first two pieces of the base are used to hold the cake together.

The final pieces are glued together to form a base.

“There’s a nice, long edge that runs up and under the base,” he noted.

The finished product, with the Pi Pi 2 board mounted.

It is important to note that the Raspberry pi2 is a smaller version of the pi3, with a different GPIO number.

“So you get two different GPIOs that are different,” Mac Hay explained.

The Pi2’s GPIOs are controlled by the GPIO pins on the Raspberry’s breadboard.

“They’re all connected to different GPIO pins, so you can control the Pi with your Raspberry Pi,” he confirmed.

“A lot of things with the Raspberry are controlled through those GPIO pins.”

To make the base, the Raspberry uses the standard Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

“But we also had to use this extra GPIO, which is a new GPIO,” Mac Kray added.

This GPIO has three pins, and these can be used to control other Raspberry Pi boards.

“In this case, we’re using the 3.3V GPIO,” he clarified.

“To get this Pi to work, we need a bit of extra wiring.”

He explained that the Pi can be powered via a standard 12V power supply.

“Because the Raspberry doesn’t have a 12V regulator, it will use its own supply

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