How do you get the perfect salt eye for your next Chinese meal?

The Yuyubi salt lake was the scene of the biggest salt lake festival in China’s history, and it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A group of volunteers went to Yuyuri, a temple dedicated to salt, to check on the eyes of the participants of the festival.

They discovered that their eyes were “bleeding and discoloured”.

“We had to remove our masks and give the eye examinations,” one of the volunteers told Reuters.

The group said it was “disappointing” that some of the attendees could not follow directions and did not follow the rules.

A second volunteer, who was also not allowed to remove his mask, told Reuters he saw a young woman with a swollen face and had a “bleed on the left eye”.

The temple said in a statement that “there is no official procedure” to ensure “an appropriate eye examination for the guests” after attending the salt festival.

“We would like to reiterate that the safety and health of all guests and the temple are the priority,” the temple said.

In a statement, the Yuyubis told Reuters that it was only after a doctor examined the volunteers that they were told that they had to go home.

“It was clear that the symptoms were not caused by the salt, but rather from the excessive amount of salt that had been ingested,” the statement said.

“After that we were not allowed leave the temple.”

The Yübiyuni salt lake is located in the salt belt, which covers about 1.5 million square kilometres of China’s northeast and is the world’s largest salt lake.

It is also the largest salt source in the world.

The lake is known for its salty taste and its unique salt deposits, which are the product of the lake’s natural salt formation.

The salt deposits are also thought to be responsible for the lake and its people’s longevity.

“Yuyubi has been known as a salt lake for thousands of years,” the Yubis said in their statement.

“Our guests’ eyes were bleeding and red after consuming the salt from the lake.

Our guests’ health was severely affected.”

The temple added that its team “was not responsible for their safety”.

The Salt Lake Temple is a temple in the Yübian region of eastern China, which is home to about 7 million people.

(AP) In October 2017, Chinese authorities announced that the Salt Lake of Yuyuubi temple was under investigation for its handling of people’s safety.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the investigation was started after the Yubi temple’s management failed to “provide adequate instructions to its employees and guests”.

A temple spokeswoman told Xinhua that “safety and hygiene measures” were taken to ensure the safety of all participants.

The Yubi Salt Lake has had a history of salt contamination.

It was discovered in 2010 after a local resident reported seeing “a large quantity of salt” floating in the lake after a fire.

The temple was closed down in 2017.

According the Xinjiang Daily, a report by the Yuzhuo newspaper said that “several years ago, a person who had been living in the village of Yuzhui died after swallowing salt water from a river”.

The source of the salt in question is a river that flows through the Yuejiang desert, where the Yuching is located.

The region of Yuchu, which includes parts of Xinjiang, is the birthplace of China and the home of many Han Chinese ethnic groups. (Reuters)

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