The latest meme to make waves is salt.

You may remember the viral video of a salt-loving man wearing a hoodie and holding a bottle of salt in his hand, but now we have the salty meme.

According to a new poll, the salt meme is the most popular in the country.

The Huffington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation poll, conducted by Harris Poll in October, found that 75 percent of Americans said salt is “extremely” or “very” popular, up from 66 percent in October 2015.

The survey also found that 76 percent of respondents have seen a salt emoji in a video or on social media, compared to 64 percent in 2014.

The poll surveyed 6,622 Americans from May 15 to May 17.

It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

Here’s what people are saying about the meme.

“A man wearing an armband of salt on his arm is one of the most iconic images of salt.”

—Katie Mettler, Los Angeles Times The salt meme has become a household word in the United States and its popularity is growing.

The word has been used on Instagram, Tumblr, and other platforms to describe the salty taste and texture of salty foods.

“The trend of salt-laden clothing and products is catching on as a popular meme on social networking sites and video game-like social media apps,” according to the Huffington Post.

The trend has been fueled by a recent viral video featuring a salt farmer in Texas who was seen holding a salt bottle in his hands.

The farmer, who is identified as “J.P.,” was wearing a hat with the word “salted” on it in a photo posted to Instagram.

“As a salt producer and farmer, this has really become a big thing in my mind,” J.P. said in the video.

“I think salt is a really good thing, and salt is definitely a good thing for me, and I want it to be the next big thing.

It’s like, I’m not the only one with salt in their water.”

The salt farmer was featured in a viral video about a farmer in South Dakota, who was holding a bag of salt, and his wife, who had bought a bag for their home.

The video has garnered nearly 200,000 views.

A man in Texas was caught on camera holding a jar of salt and a bottle in a tweet.

“Went to Texas this morning to buy a jar for my wife,” he tweeted.

“She had never even heard of salt until I was talking to her.”

“There are so many salt memes going around.

We all want salt.”—Shaun Wilson, Twitter The salt image has been adopted by many celebrities, including Drake, Kanye West, and Kanye West himself.

Drake tweeted that he had “a couple bottles of salt” and “got one at a time from a guy at a grocery store.”

West said that he bought “three bottles of Salt” and used them to make his music videos.

“It was all about getting people to think that salt is good,” West said.

The image has also been used in memes and in memes about how salty it is.

A video of the rapper Drake in a New York City Subway station has been shared more than 4 million times, and a meme of him carrying salt on the subway has been retweeted more than 13 million times.

“When you are in a rush to buy something, you are like, Oh, my gosh, I need salt,” the rapper said.

“And if you buy a bunch of stuff, you’re like, ‘OK, I gotta buy a bag, I have to go.’

It’s the salt in the food, the way the salt is distributed, the texture of the salt, it’s just so important.

It is like the salt of life.”

“It is like salt in a bottle, it is just so much better than the other stuff.”—John St. Clair, The Onion “I am just so sick of people thinking that salt has nothing to do with the food I eat, I eat it every day.”—Justin Bieber, Instagram “It’s a very different kind of salt than what you are used to, and it’s a salt that is a little bit more subtle and a little more delicate.”—Trey Anastasio, Foo Fighters The meme has also gotten a boost from the political environment.

“What the salt represents is a lot of things that people are feeling right now.

A lot of people feel like we’re getting more of the same old, same old.

And that salt can be something that brings people together,” John St. Claire, a political science professor at the University of Houston, told HuffPost.

“Salty is something that people have been seeing in the news a lot.

The salt is one aspect of it.”

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