The Salt River Field, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the home of the U.S. women’s soccer team.

It’s also home to the U-20 Women’s National Team.

But it has a lot of challenges to overcome, and it’s one that’s coming soon.

The field, which is located in a rural area, is a popular destination for soccer fans.

The stadium’s popularity has also led to an influx of visitors to the field.

With the stadium expected to open in 2021, the Salt is also facing new challenges.

But the weather isn’t the only concern, as the field has also been plagued by a string of severe weather that has affected the stadium’s ability to host events and the surrounding area.

There have been a number of instances of water main breakages, including the recent one that shut down the entire field in late July.

The weather, along with the need to repair the field, has caused the U20 Women to relocate the team’s training facility, where the U16s will be training in 2021.

However, the team won’t be able to continue playing until the field is repaired.

The U-16s have already made a few adjustments to the stadium, including adding a temporary seating area to the front of the field to accommodate the players, and installing a new locker room for the team.

However the stadium is a work in progress, and there are still some issues that need to be addressed.

“The field is a major attraction and we have a lot more work to do to improve it,” said Sarah Lipps, a field maintenance supervisor for the U18s.

The road to repair The U.20s have had a number issues in their search for a new home, and the team is working with the U12s on their own project.

In the fall, the U19s will begin work on a project to remove the entire north side of the stadium from the surrounding landscape.

However it will take months to complete, and Lipp said it could take as long as three years.

The north side was originally planned to be constructed of reinforced concrete.

However there is some concern about the material, and this project has been postponed.

The team also plans to start work on the south side of their facility in the spring.

The new structure will be constructed with reinforced concrete, and some work will also be done on the west side.

But some of the concrete that was originally used to build the stadium will be removed and replaced with a more sustainable material.

The project will cost between $200,000 and $250,000.

Lipp is hoping to have the structure complete by spring 2021.

There will also likely be some structural repairs on the north side as well.

“There is a lot that needs to be done to the south, and we need to fix the south,” Lipp told Fox Sports.

“If we don’t get those repairs done by the end of spring, we won’t get a chance to play there again until late 2021.”

In addition to the northern and southern sides of the facility, the field also has a concrete deck to replace the area that was damaged by a flood.

The deck was originally built to support the construction of a new soccer field.

But this is a project that will take several months to get going, and many teams have problems with building the new field during a flood event.

“We are going to do some work on this, but we need more time,” said Lipp.

Latt said the team will begin to repair areas on the southern and northern sides of their stadium to get the structure ready for the field’s opening.

They also plan to remove some of their concrete from the north of the structure, and will begin replacing it with a recycled material.

“Once we get those materials ready, it should take about three to four months,” Latt explained.

The work will be carried out in two phases.

The first phase will start in the fall and take about a month to complete.

The second phase will take about two to three months to finish.

Ladds said the goal is to get all the concrete from both the south and north sides of Stadium D working by the spring of 2021.

The area that will be repaired will be a section of the south face of the north face.

The south face is the top of the northwest face, and is the area where the field will be located.

The northern face is located directly below the north edge of the west face, which will be where the soccer field will reside.

The construction of the new stadium is expected to take about six months.

“It will be really important to get everything on the right side of completion in the first half of the year, so we can get the field ready for its opening,” Ladd said.

“But I think it will be much better for everyone in 2021 to have that stadium up and running.”

Lipp’s comments come as a surprise to many soccer fans in Salt Spring

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