Salt & Olive’s secret history is the story of the restaurant and its owners, George and Mary Beard.

The restaurant has been a fixture of San Diego since 1892, and George Beard’s son, George Beard Sr., ran it as the patriarch of the family business until his death in 1986.

The Beard family, which is now owned by a majority of the restaurants’ shareholders, has owned the restaurant since it was founded in 1892.

As a result of Beard’s philanthropic efforts, his son George Sr. became the first ever owner of the business and the first person to own the restaurant in the United States.

He also served as its namesake for years.

 The first restaurant in San Diego, George &amp.

Beard’s Salt & Eggs opened in San Francisco in 1891.

It was the first restaurant owned by an immigrant family, and its name refers to the first immigrants who settled in San Jose in the late 1800s.

George Beard had been raised in Austria, and after working at the Salt & Light Hotel and the San Francisco Hotel, he returned to San Diego in 1888.

He served as manager of the first Salt & Oven and served as the owner of his father’s restaurant.

George &.

Beard had a strong following, and in 1889, George Sr., who had served as president of the California Association of Restaurants, opened the first San Diego restaurant, which had a menu of dishes that reflected the tastes of the city at the time.

George’s sister, Margaret Beard, had opened the Beards restaurant at the same time, and she became the owner in 1899.

George Sr.’s first restaurant, at 711 S. Market St., opened in 1902.

The first full-service restaurant in California, it became the second in the state, after the San Diego Cafe.

George and Margaret Beard Sr. operated the restaurant as a franchise until 1912, when they sold the business to a group of investors led by John and John Bancroft.

In the years after World War I, San Diego’s restaurants began expanding, becoming the first major U.S. city to do so.

By 1915, San Diegans had a population of about 3 million, making San Diego the second-largest city in the nation.

George Beard Jr. became president of S. Beard Company in 1916, and by 1926, Beard’s restaurants were operating throughout the country.

George Jr.’s wife, Mary, opened a restaurant at 904 S. Van Ness Ave.

in Los Angeles in 1927.

The Beards’ restaurants were known for their seafood dishes and a wide variety of other dishes, such as salads, steaks, fish and chips, and even hot dogs.

By 1928, Beard was the sole owner of Salt and Eggs and was the only individual with a full ownership stake in the restaurant.

Beard also held a stake in his sister’s restaurant, the Bearded’s, which he sold in 1930 to the owners of San Francisco’s Bearded Steak House.

The Beards and the Beard’s Steakhouse became a joint venture and became Salt & Co. in 1937.

In 1940, Beard sold the Salt and Steaks’ name to John Beard.

Beard remained the sole shareholder of Salt& Beard’s, but became the sole director in 1949.

The name of the company changed several times through the decades, but it is now called Salt &Co. The company has remained the largest restaurant chain in the world.

In 1962, the Salt&Co. headquarters moved to San Francisco.

Beard was a key executive in the company, which now employs over 7,500 people, including many who have served as restaurant managers and restaurant owners.

Throughout the 1960s, the company also grew its operations.

In 1970, the restaurant was rebranded as San Diego Grill.

By 1978, the San Diegan restaurants were renamed Beard &amp.; Co., and the name of Salt Co. was changed to Salt &&amp.

Co. The Salt & & Co brand was sold in 1989 to the family of the late Robert Beard.

Robert Beard, who had a longstanding interest in the history of the Salt Company, donated the name to the company in 1991.

From that day forward, the names Salt & Bean and Salt & Company were the two most popular names in San Diegos restaurants.

Salt & Bean has been in operation since 1891, and the Salt Co., Salt & Beards Steak and Salt Co..s Salt &.

Co. have been in business since 1894.

During the 1990s, several of the original Beard &amt.

Co., as well as the SaltCo.

franchisees, were purchased by San Diego Restaurants.

The restaurants were subsequently sold to another company in 2016.

On July 18, 2018, SaltCo., the name that Beard & Amt.

Co., and SaltCo..s San Diego restaurants had used since the 1970s, was purchased

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