Gas prices have plummeted in recent years, with average prices dropping from a high of $2.20 a gallon in 2011 to $1.49 in 2016.

While that might not seem like a lot of money, it has a huge impact on your bills.

Here are the main reasons why:1.

Low gas prices are good for the environment and economy. 

The US emits around 6 billion tons of CO2 each year.

That’s about half the emissions of China, Japan, and the United Kingdom combined. 

As such, the cost of electricity in the US has plummeted, which means more of the country can be used to generate energy. 

“Gas prices have been a boon to the US economy and, with them, jobs and economic growth,” said Scott Greenberg, chief economist at the New York-based Center for American Progress.

“That’s good for consumers and jobs, but it’s also good for our climate.” 


Cheap gas means fewer cars. 

There’s been a noticeable drop in sales of cars in recent months. 

In the past, car sales have been higher than those of trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. 

That’s because consumers are increasingly choosing to drive less often and for shorter distances. 

But gas prices have also been dropping, making driving less convenient for people who need to stay in the car longer. 


Gas is cheaper than diesel and other fuels. 

If you drive your car every day for a few hours, your fuel costs could be reduced by at least 10 cents per gallon. 

This is a big reason why gas prices haven’t fallen as dramatically as they did a few years ago. 

However, it means there’s more competition for the supply of gas, and that means less gas is available for use on a daily basis. 


The price of gasoline is lower because of regulations. 

Gasoline is a fuel that needs to be mixed with fuel, so it has to be transported in special tanks. 

Many states have set fuel standards that make it difficult for cars to run on less-efficient fuel, which helps to reduce gasoline prices. 


There’s a lot less demand for gasoline in the United States. 

Most Americans drive cars and trucks, but many of those vehicles aren’t making much money either. 

They’re not replacing the older, less-economical ones that are on the road, so the cost to maintain them is a bigger issue. 


The economy is improving. 

While the US doesn’t have the highest GDP per capita in the world, it’s getting healthier and wealthier, which is good for both consumers and businesses. 

So, it makes sense that prices have dropped.

But there’s still a lot more room for improvement. 

Read more about gas: Prices are falling in Australia. 

A new study shows Australia is seeing a significant drop in gas prices since they were last seen in late 2014, with some analysts saying prices have fallen by up to 50% in just two years. 

Australia’s gas prices were on average $2 a gallon last year. 

And, according to Australian Gas Association CEO Steve O’Connor, the gas prices will drop even further as the country begins to phase out coal in the 2030s. 


More electric cars are on their way. 

More cars are being made, with many coming from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and China. 

Now, it will be even easier for consumers to buy electric cars as automakers and governments look to get electric vehicles onto the road. 


You can save money with the government’s new carbon tax. 

Currently, Australia’s carbon tax is based on a carbon tax rate of 26 cents per litre. 

It was intended to encourage consumers to switch to cheaper fuel. 

On Friday, the Australian government announced a $10.20-per-litre carbon tax increase that is due to start on March 1. 

 The government says it is lowering the tax by $2 per liture, bringing the carbon tax to $10 per lit. 


Gas prices will go down in the next few years.

Australia is planning to phase in the elimination of coal-fired power stations by 2035. 

To do this, the government plans to increase the price of gas to $2-a-liture by 2037. 


There are many more electric cars on the way.

The US has plans to make it easier to buy a new electric car in 2019.

In 2020, California will make it more expensive for people to buy new electric cars.

 Other states are considering similar measures. 


There will be more competition.

There are also more electric and hybrid vehicles on

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