Salt can be just as tasty as fresh, as salty as water, and it’s not a hard pill to swallow.

But, like all salt, you can only truly appreciate it once you’ve chewed it.

Here are the best ways to enjoy salt without fearing it.1.

Mince it with a fork and pepper, not a knife.

It’s a little easier to eat this way.

Just remember that you don’t have to make it into a savory morsel.2.

Put it in a salad bowl.

A bowl of salt makes a great snack, but salt can also be added to salads, soups, dips and other hearty meals.

Add it to salads and stir-fries, and you’ll find yourself salivating and having your mouthwatering after just a few bites.3.

Take it to work.

Munch on a handful of salt while your co-workers, colleagues or loved ones are at work.

This will make the salt taste fresh and fresh and not so much like saltwater.4.

Eat it with steak.

Salt in steak is typically a more intense taste, but the flavor can be enjoyed without a lot of effort.

This is a great way to start your lunch.5.

Enjoy it in salads.

Salt has the same saltiness as plain water, but it’s easier to enjoy with a salad, so it’s a great choice for a side dish.6.

Enjoy with fish.

Salt water gargles are a great addition to fish salads and are great when paired with a side of fish salad.7.

Enjoy salt on bread.

Salt breads can be added over bread to add a savoriness and flavor.8.

Enjoy on a hot day.

Add salt to your coffee, tea, cereal, or just a splash on a mug of water.

These are all delicious options to enjoy on a chilly summer day.9.

Take a bite.

Salt is salty and salty food is salty.

It doesn’t take much to add some salt to anything, even when it’s simply a handful.10.

Make a salad out of salt.

Salt makes a tasty salad, and a side salad is a perfect way to add salt to a salad.11.

Drink salt water.

Saltwater gargles can be used to add the salty taste to a glass of water or add saltiness to a sip of water and you can use salt water to garnish your favorite beverage.12.

Mix it up.

Salt can add a nice touch to many recipes and is also a great ingredient in cocktails.13.

Take salt with a bite to go.

It can be a healthy snack, as long as it’s made with a little salt.14.

Mix salt and cream.

A splash of salt and a dollop of cream is great with a cocktail or as a side.15.

Make salt sandwiches.

Salt and cheese are both delicious on a sandwich.

They’re also great when grilled, grilled cheese is made from salt.16.

Mix up salt with lemonade.

Salt lemonade makes a good addition to any salad or cocktail.

Salt is not the only salty substance.

Salt ice cream is a good alternative, and the most popular ice cream flavor is also made from salty ingredients.17.

Enjoy salty and sweet desserts.

There’s nothing more delicious than a slice of chocolate chip cookie dough, but these are a few of the salty treats that are made from sweet ingredients.18.

Drink it with coffee.

Salt coffee is a nice alternative to salt ice cream and you could make your own.19.

Add to a smoothie.

Salt smoothies are a tasty way to get a caffeine fix and you don.20.

Mix and match.

You can add salt and sweetener to your favorite sweetened beverages and they will taste even better.

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