A federal judge on Friday ordered Florida to pay more than $100 million to a man who was injured by a flood from a salt spring in his neighborhood, and another man was hospitalized after a storm that destroyed his home.

The ruling comes after a series of flood and flood damage warnings and a court injunction that forced the state to spend millions repairing flood damage to the south Florida Keys area.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) had asked for the money for three people who sustained injuries to their homes in the area in the wake of Hurricane Irma, but the order Friday allows the state’s insurance company to continue to pay for damages that occurred as a result of the flood, the Associated Press reported.

The orders are the latest in a string of actions by the Trump administration to take advantage of the storm to seize property.

The Trump administration is also seeking more money from homeowners for flood damage from Irma, and it is considering whether to seek reimbursement from state governments for the cost of repairs.

The order comes after the Florida Department on Friday issued a mandatory evacuation order for the state, ordering that residents who live in the south and southwest of the state move to higher ground, including the Florida Keys.

The evacuation order was the second order issued by the state following Hurricane Irma.

The first was issued last Friday after a Florida judge ruled that a flood warning would not be issued until the state had spent at least $2 million on repairing flood damages caused by the storm.

In that order, Judge David LeBlanc said that the Florida state’s recovery from the storm was not “sufficient” to justify the state spending $2.5 million to repair the damage from the hurricane.

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