By 2020, a majority of people in the United States will be able to afford a home and can expect to live comfortably for years to come.

But as the economic downturn drags on and the cost of living continues to rise, many people are wondering if the long-term benefit of a salt soak is worth the price tag.

Here’s why.

Forget the cheap cost of a cup of joe, it turns out that the health benefits of a well-done meal are worth the cost in terms of your health and longevity.

The benefits of consuming a healthy diet include reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and arthritis, according to a study published in The Lancet.

Salt is essential to digestion and helps the body absorb nutrients, so its absorption can be improved when it’s combined with a nutritious meal.

The average American consumes approximately 4,300 mg of salt per day, according a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And because the U.S. population has increased by more than 30 percent over the past 20 years, it’s projected that salt consumption will increase by nearly 60 percent by 2023.

The United States is the second largest salt consumer in the world, according the World Health Organization.

The U.K. and the U of I also have the highest salt consumption in the country.

The average American eats 1.3 pounds of salt a day, while the average U.N. official has estimated that about 8.4 pounds of sodium is needed to meet the health needs of a person.

To put salt in perspective, that’s a little more than a tablespoon of salt.

For comparison, an average American is only consuming about 3.2 teaspoons of salt daily, according an analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In the United Kingdom, the average person is consuming about 2 teaspoons a day.

A teaspoon of salt is equivalent to roughly 4 teaspoons of sugar, according experts.

As a result of these numbers, salt is one of the most affordable nutrients that can be consumed in a meal, according Tozer and his coauthors.

That’s because it can be added to a salad or made into a condiment for cooking.

According to Tozer, adding salt to food reduces the overall sodium content of the meal by roughly 50 percent.

The research team surveyed more than 1,200 Americans over the course of six months and surveyed them on the health effects of salt and other foods.

The researchers asked the respondents to answer a variety of questions about their daily salt consumption.

They also had the participants’ responses recorded on a computer and analyzed by a nutritionist.

While the results showed that a 1-cup serving of salted chicken would result in about 10 grams of sodium per serving, a serving of chicken with 4 ounces of salt would result only in about 9 grams of salt, according TOZER.

The same amount of salt in a glass of white wine would result, according, in about 8 grams of sugar.

The result is similar for a glass or two of soda, according Dr. Christopher A. Tozer of Harvard Medical School.

In other words, a salt-free meal can have the same effect as a large glass of red wine or a single serving of a steak, according in a recent study in the journal Nutrients.

The researchers also asked participants to estimate how much salt they would need to add to a 2-cup glass of orange juice to get a serving that was equivalent to a glass and a half of sugar for the average American.

According the results, the person would need an extra 3.7 grams of potassium and 1.9 grams of magnesium to get the same amount that the average adult consumes.

A 1-pound serving of salad containing 4 ounces salt, for example, would provide enough salt to provide 1.4 teaspoons of sodium.

If a serving was the equivalent of a whole chicken breast, the amount of sodium added would be roughly the same.

The study is the latest in a growing body of research showing the benefits of salt that can help people live longer, healthier lives.

In the last few years, salt has also been found to have beneficial effects on heart disease risk factors and the prevention of certain cancers.

The salt found in salt-based products can also reduce inflammation in the body and help prevent obesity.

The research shows that people who eat a variety in their diets have lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, according The New York Times.

Tozer believes that the benefits from a healthy salt intake will continue to be felt for decades to come, even if the costs of living continue to increase.

He points out that most people don’t realize that the cost to eat salty foods can be significant.

“There are people in America who eat the most expensive foods in the market today,” he said.

“You can get the most cost-effective products out there for a price and you get an immediate benefit.

And that’s the price we’re paying for salt.”

For more on salt,

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