The “epsis” salt water pools at Red Salt, a salt lake in Utah.

The pools have been on display at Red and Salt since 2008.

The pool has been the subject of criticism by some for its poor water quality and the use of artificial ingredients to mask the natural saltiness of the lake’s waters.

The salt pools have also attracted attention for their saltiness.

The water was pumped in and then returned to the pool, which has a pool of about 100 feet in length.

The “Salt Lake Tribune” reports that a recent visit to the water pool led to one resident who complained about the pool’s water quality, saying the pool is so salty that it smells like “honey.”

“It was just like having to breathe,” the woman told the newspaper.

“The pool was like being in the desert,” another woman told The Salt Lake Tribune.

“It smelled like honey.”

The Salt lake has become the poster child for the nation’s health care system, where millions of Americans are currently on the wait list for care, and its residents are often told that the water is unsafe for drinking, eating, or bathing.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski has also complained about Red Salt’s water, calling it a “sludge” and “dirty water.”

The water is pumped in from the city’s downtown reservoir.

Red Salt has said that it has tested the water for salinity in the lake, and that the results indicate it’s safe to drink.

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