In 2018, filmmaker Jacob Salt’s movie The Salt Movie premiered on Netflix as part of the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie has been picked up for a limited theatrical release on July 14.

Salt is a director of photography, cinematography, and sound, and he wrote and directed the film as well as wrote and wrote and edited the score.

Salt was born and raised in New Mexico, and his first job out of college was as a waiter at a local diner.

Salt’s parents divorced when he was six years old, and the family moved to Los Angeles to escape the violence and violence that was plaguing their city.

Salt grew up working on the side as a barber, then later as a construction foreman.

Salt worked in film and television for a number of years before getting his first major break when he landed a role in the Netflix series The Salt.

The Salt Story has been nominated for four Golden Globes, and it won Best Feature Film in 2016.

In 2019, Salt will premiere his feature film The Salt movie at Netflix, on its streaming platform.

Salt, who also wrote and directs the film, has said he hopes to continue the story through the 2020s, but he’s also looking to capitalize on the film’s popularity to make a bigger impact.

“There’s a lot of young people that are really passionate about the story and the characters,” Salt told The Verge.

“They love to see something that is really about them, and so when we do a sequel to that movie, we want to take advantage of that.”

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