Salt Lake’s water supply is running out, and that means its residents will be getting the most of their winter supplies this year.

The city is planning to use the water to create the first salt-water ice cream cone in the US.

And its first outdoor ice cream parlor, the Ice Cream House, will be open on the fourth floor of the Ice Arena at the University of Utah.

But the city is facing a problem: the city’s water system has not been repaired since the end of the pandemic, and some residents are wondering if their families will still get to enjoy their own homemade ice cream once the water runs out.

“We don’t know how long it will take for the water system to get fixed, and the ice cream is one of the first things we want to have,” said Stephanie Miller, who runs the ice-cream shop.

“The fact that it’s in Salt Lake is kind of a no-brainer.”

She’s also worried about the safety of the people who live in her business, who live near the city centre and who may not know the city has switched to bottled water.

“If we have people who are drinking it at home, it’s a big deal,” Miller said.

“I think there’s a concern that it might get in the water supply and get into their drinking water, and it could affect their health.”

For some, it could also be dangerous.

“It could be that someone in our family is sick with COVID-19 and that could potentially contaminate our water supply,” said Erin Gee, who owns a business in Salt Lakes City called the Salt and Light Barbecue.

Gee said she and her husband decided to open a bar to offer their customers some peace of mind.

“People might get sick,” she said.

And the possibility of people drinking it in their own homes has been a worry for some residents.

“There is a concern about the health of the public and of the residents that might be exposed to the water and the water is not safe to drink,” said Kasey Johnson, a Salt Lake city councillor.

Johnson said she believes the city should provide bottled water to all residents, regardless of their ability to pay.

But she is worried about whether the city can get the water in the pipes that the city uses to treat the water.

In a city that is the second-largest in the country after New York, the city does have its own water supply, which has been shut down since the start of the epidemic.

But officials say that if residents want to get their water from the city system, they can buy bottled water for $1 per litre.

Some people also say they would prefer to be able to drink their own water.

But it’s not clear if the city will have the capacity to keep up with demand.

“Salt Lake City is in a critical position right now, and we can’t rely on just the public water supply alone,” said Mayor Steve Anderson.

“That’s why we’re taking a holistic approach to this, because we don�t have enough bottled water.”

The mayor added that Salt Lake also has its own ice cream factory.

He said it could be several weeks before it can start to produce ice cream, but he added that ice cream will not be sold at the Ice and Fire Ice Cream Parlor, which is also located in Salt City.

The Ice and Ice Fire Parlor will be the only place in Saltlake to serve homemade ice-creme desserts, but not ice cream.

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