Washington, D.C. — The Salt Lake City-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says Washington’s salt lake is the fifth best on the planet, behind New Orleans, Paris, Salt Lake and Lake Titicaca.

The Salt Lake County Museum of History has named Salt Lake’s Lake Titicey one of the 100 best lakes in the world.

The National Park Service says the city has some of the best water quality in the country.

The city of Salt Lake has two lakes in its watersheds, Salt Creek and Lake Utah, which are located within the city limits.

The agency says there are at least two other lakes in Salt Lake that it has identified as the world’s top five, but neither is in the top five.

It says the lakes are all in Washington County, home to the Salt Lake metropolitan area.

Washington’s top salt lake, Lake Titicese, is located at the mouth of the St. George River in Lake Powell, which flows into the St, George River and flows through the city of Provo.

The lake is one of only two that can be reached from Salt Lake by boat.

In the state of Utah, Lake Powell and the St George River are located in the city’s northernmost portion of the state.

The rivers are both in Utah, so the rivers are also considered part of the city.

Lake Titiceys lakes are both popular with outdoor recreational boaters and are a popular swimming destination, but their water quality is lower than the state’s top three lakes.

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