BY LISA WESTWORTH NEW YORK, NY–(AP) A federal health official says he expects the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to approve a $1.8 billion Zika virus-fighting package Thursday.


S, European and Japanese officials announced Thursday that they were funding the effort to contain the Zika virus in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

The package includes a $300 million Zika prevention program and other emergency aid to fight the virus.

The funding will cover about 3.5 million people and is expected to be distributed through private and government organizations.

The White House announced the funding Wednesday.

It included $1 million for the Centers for Prevention and Control, and $500 million for local emergency responders and support organizations.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said the U,S.

would work with the world community to combat the spread of the virus in regions of Latin America and the Caribbean that are particularly vulnerable.

In addition to the CDC, U.K. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the International Narcotics Control Board are also among the agencies supporting the effort.

The U.R.N.’s Director General for Drugs and Crime Antonio Maria Costa said the United States and its partners will continue to fight Zika in the region, where the virus is particularly prevalent.

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