The new title of Salt & SMooth: Salt & Smooth will be published on February 23, 2019, by the New York Times, it was announced today.

The book is the latest in a line of New York-based titles to come out of Salt and Straw, which also include Salt & Cream, Salt & Sugar, and Salt & Honey.

Salt & Smoot will be a hardcover collection of essays and interviews by the publisher about the history and evolution of the restaurant and its staff, as well as the restaurant’s current status in Salt Lake City.

The collection includes interviews with co-owners Adam and Sara Miller, co-owner and chef Tom DeMarco, and general manager David Grosen, along with interviews with other current and former Salt & Snakes employees and employees of other restaurant brands.

The project is described as an intimate look at the lives of Salt, Salt and Smoot, as they’ve grown from a tiny restaurant in Salt, Utah, to a global empire in Salt & Salt.

The restaurant, which was founded in 2011, currently serves about 6,000 customers a day, and the company has about 2,400 employees worldwide.

The magazine, which will be available digitally, will be the first to feature interviews from current and future employees of Salt’s restaurants, including Tom De Marco and his wife, Jessica.

It will also feature stories and images from the archives of Salt restaurants and the history of the Salt &smooth brand.

The new edition of Salt is scheduled to be released on February 18.

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