The US has been trying to make a case that its new $10 million national program for the construction of “himalaya salt lamps” is helping the region’s economy.

The effort is based on the theory that its efforts to boost the Himalayan country’s population will help revive its economy.

The US government has long touted the initiative as a way to help develop the region and that it has the means to develop new technology and new ways to feed people in remote regions.

But the US government also has an important agenda in mind.

The project is part of a broader US effort to modernize the way that the US imports and exports.

Its “national energy strategy” calls for reducing dependence on fossil fuels, diversifying the nation’s energy supply, and investing in green technologies and infrastructure.

It also aims to bring about “a more sustainable and inclusive economy for future generations.”

In a presentation to the National Academy of Sciences last year, the White House called the Himalaya project “a national economic driver” and “a pillar of American security” that it hopes will bring about economic recovery and improve global security.

The White House has said that the program will be a key driver of US economic growth in the Himalayas.

But it has not yet unveiled its full program, which is to be announced in coming weeks.

The new national energy strategy calls for the US to invest $40 billion over the next three years in “strategic, strategic, high-risk technologies,” including “new energy technologies, the development of new sources of energy, advanced technologies and materials.”US officials say that in the near term, the government will be working with private companies to produce and test the salt lamps.

However, it has said the US will not be producing its own salt lamps, and the plan is to “invest in alternative technologies and solutions.”

One of the main questions being raised by those working on the project is how much money will be spent to support the project.

According to a report by the US Energy Information Administration, the cost of the project has so far been about $8.6 billion.

But a key question is how long it will take to complete the project and how much will the US be able to recoup.

According the Energy Information Analysis and Production (EIA), the US is already facing a $20 billion deficit on its national energy budget.

The deficit could be up to $30 billion by 2021, which would put it well behind China and Japan, which have already announced plans to invest billions in their energy infrastructure.

The EIA also notes that the project could face a huge amount of additional costs from the fact that it will require a lot of energy to run and maintain.

The administration has said it will not release the full cost of constructing the lamps until it has completed the development phase, but it has yet to offer a breakdown of the total project cost.

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