Quality is our challenge


Salt is our specialty

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Experience is our pride


The Tunisian company of the Salt is created since 1993, it makes left the group BEN YAGHLANE endowed with a strong presence on the market in the food-processing industry.
Its conditioning(packaging) in various type of packaging is specialized in the salt extraction as well as.
For several years the SOTUSEL company posts a positive growth and appears as one today are actors the most mattering on the local market and also on the international market.
The acquisition of a new saltworks and the integration of new tools of production and to know how to make are the many years’ results(profits) of efforts and a well targeted strategic orientation.

SOTUSEL possesses its own saltworks:

  • The first site, covered with a total surface of 800 hectares, is situated  in DGUECH in the region of TOZEUR (120 km of the port of the city of Gabes).
  • The second site, covered with a total surface of 800 hectares also, is situated is Sousse.The capacity of salt of our company is equivalent to 500 000 tons a year. This one exports mainly towards the countries of the European Union, North America as well as countries of Africa among others Libya, Algeria, Senegal, Guinea and Cameroon.

Who we are


Our site of Chatt Jrid can supply us an enormous quantity of NaCL which is always renewable, as well as techniques of pumping and crystallization of the salt by the evaporation of brine. By the sea water or the brine resulting from salty springs.


Sotusel can guarantee you with the competence of our team a quality of salt which corresponds to your needs .On respecting the process of production of the water, the brine and the analyses which will be made by our laboratories to insure the quality of supplied salts
Besides, SOTUSEL is undertaken to practise an activity in the respect for the environmental and social concerns of the region of TOZEUR and SOUSSE